Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How To Open a Repository when the Administration Tool is on Windows and the RPD file is on Linux

I followed My Oracle Support document “How To Open a Repository when the Administration Tool is on Windows and the RPD file is on Linux (Doc ID 1600444.1)”

Operating System: Oracle Linux 7 x64

OBIEE: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition x64

Administration Tool Operating System: Windows 7 x64

Oracle Business Intelligence Developer Client Tool (

Client Tool is installed in C:\app\oracle\Middleware\BIClient12.2.1.2\


1. Prerequisite

At least 1 OBIEE repository should be deployed before we complete these steps.

2. Open Data Sources (ODBC)

 Go to “Control Panel\\Administrative Tools\ Data Sources (ODBC)

                                                                      Image 01.jpg

3. Create ODBC Data Source in Windows.

Click on Add button to add new ODBC System DSN.

                                                                      Image 02.jpg

4. Locate Oracle BI Server Client

Select “Oracle BI Server-BIClient{Client Version}” from the list and click on “Finish” Button. I have installed “Oracle Business Intelligence Developer Client Tool (”.

                                                                      Image 03.jpg

5. Oracle BI Server DSN Configuration Details

In the screen below Provide Name, Description and Server details. Server is the FQDN or IP address of the machine where OBIEE Server is running. Click on “Next” button to continue.

                                                                      Image 04.jpg

List of ports used by current instance of OBIEE Server is found in $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/bienv/core/bienv-components.xml. From this file find Port used by OBIS component and make a note of it. In this case it is 9514.
   <component instanceId="obis1">

Provide username and password to login which is weblogic and its password. The port no will be the one we got from above step. Click on Next button to continue.

                                                                      Image 05.jpg

Click on “Finish” button to complete Oracle BI Server ODBC DSN Configuration.

                                                                      Image 06.jpg

                                                                      Image 07.jpg

6. Open repository in Online mode

Open Oracle BI Administration Tool and click on the button in red circle to open the repository in Online mode.

                                                                      Image 08.jpg

Select the ODBC DSN Name that you want to use to connect to OBIEE Server and click on “Open” button.

                                                                      Image 09.jpg

The repository is open in Online mode.

                                                                      Image 10.jpg